Lindilè Safaris welcomes you

Lindilè Safaris is a Hunting Outfitter operation based in the Limpopo province of South Africa, situated in the most prime hunting area. Lindilè is owned and operated by Pieter and Chanelle van Niekerk.

The company is built on our love for the sport of hunting combined with our passion for working with clients from all over the world, and we are excited to host you in our beautiful country.

Pieter was born and raised in the bushveld of Southern Africa. He grew up on their family farm, Lindilè, and started hunting from a very young age, accompanying local hunters from as young as 10 years old, thus adapting to his career as a hunting guide and Outfitter.

He has an intense passion and appreciation for hunting and nature conservation, his tracking skills are second to none and he has the incredible ability to find exceptional, quality trophies. Pieter has close to 20 years of experience in both plains game and dangerous game hunting. All of this contributes to making every hunt a successful one!

South Africa is well known for her wonderful hospitality, and our beautiful county is rich in diversity of culture, nature, and abundance of wildlife. We and our professional team will make you feel right at home catering to all your needs. Your satisfaction is our foremost priority!

Lindilè Safaris guarantees you unmatched and extraordinary hunts as you have never experienced before with a wide variety of huntable species on our quality hunting concessions.

Lindilè Safaris feels honoured to welcome you on safari. Let us guide you on not just an African hunting safari but a complete African adventure!

Hunt both plains game and dangerous game legally on a sustainable basis safely and with ease. We believe in quality rather than quantity, providing you with personalised service.

Pieter and his dedicated team of experienced, licensed, South African Professional Hunters operate on over 100 000 acres of exclusive hunting concessions within South Africa, offering top class hunting adventures.

South Africa is the ideal family safari destination with fun-filled daily excursions for the entire family to enjoy. Experience the magical African continent’s beauty up close and personal.

We at Lindilè Safaris feel proud of what we can offer our safari guests. We take pride in our quality service and enduring impressions left in our satisfied client’s hearts. As a visitor to South Africa, you will leave your footprints behind and take home unforgettable memories in return.

We would like to extend our invitation to you to book or re-book your hunting safari with us. Give us the opportunity to make your African dream a reality!


Pieter van Niekerk

Owner, Outfitter and licenced Dangerous game Hunter

Complete African adventure and years of experience

We guarantee you the finest, extraordinary hunts and individual attention for each hunting party and have solid hunting records to back our professional team’s expertise

Complete African adventure and years of experience

We guarantee you the finest, extraordinary hunts and individual attention for each hunting party and have solid hunting records to back our professional team’s expertise

Hunting Capital

South Africa is still the plains game capital of Africa and remains the preferred destination

Professional Licensed guides

We have highly experienced guides in both plains game and dangerous game hunting

Luxurious Lodge

We offer you only the best stay for hunting groups and families

Variety of huntable species

Hunt a wide variety of plains game and dangerous game species legally on a sustainable basis safely and with ease

Top – class hunting concessions

We have access to the most exclusive hunting concession within South Africa

Why hunt with us

An African safari is an expensive dream that in many cases comes along only once or twice in a lifetime. Add peace of mind when you book your safari by hunting with a PHASA member.

PHASA pride themselves in having some of the finest African outfitters and professional hunters as their members, outfitters and professional hunters who are, in most cases, the most active in the South African industry.

Their members willingly adhere and subscribe to their strict Code of Conduct and are subject to their disciplinary oversight process. Each membership application is carefully scrutinized. Applicants with a known and recorded history of unethical behaviour are denied PHASA membership.

An increasing number of international clubs and shows recognise and promote the importance and value of booking with PHASA members when hunting in South Africa. For this reason, PHASA members only are allowed to market South African hunts at the premier overseas shows (this arrangement does not apply to agents). Many hunt tenders are, for the same reason, available to PHASA members only.

PHASA keeps their members up to date with the latest developments in the industry including developments that may affect your safari (such as changes in legislation, airline policies etc.)

PHASA offers assistance to all hunting tourists visiting South Africa who may encounter difficulties. For example, your professional hunter fails to collect you at the airport. We can assist with accommodation arrangements and provide valuable advice and guidance.

PHASA have extremely good relations with the vast majority of the premier safari clubs abroad, and thus have the ability to work with these clubs to resolve any issues their members may encounter. PHASA and its loyal members are passionate about ensuring that your stay in South Africa is nothing less than phenomenal. All members are listed on PHASA’s website.

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