Bow Hunting

Lindile Safaris will offer you a Bow hunting experience of a lifetime! Bow hunting is probably the most exciting and challenging way to hunt. The type of bow most commonly hunted with international clients is the Compound bow.

Although we also have clients coming with re-curve, longbow as well as crossbow. Broadheads which work well are Rocky mountain titanium as well as the Muzzies with a weight of 125grains.

bow hunting

Most of our blinds are custom build and located near water points and salt licks with a shooting distance of about 25 – 40 yards. Walk and stalk is also possible but can be extremely difficult and time consuming as most of our animals move in big herds and because of the thick vegetation.

We also make use of pop-up blinds at game trails.

The best time for bow hunting in South Africa is from May to September as most of the cover formed by the trees are gone this time of the year which makes spotting the animals much easier. This gives you time to study the animals and spotting a good quality trophy.

When importing your bow to South Africa we recommend that you make use of a strong and good quality bow case to protect your bow. At the airport you will simply just collect your bow at the luggage carousel.

Please note that expandable broad heads are not legal to use in South Africa.

bow hunting

A typical bow hunting safari would be as follow:

Your Professional hunter would give you an early morning wake-up call followed by some coffee or tea with traditional South African rusks, cereals, yogurt, fruits and toast available. After your morning coffee your Professional hunter will accompany you to the blind where your day will be devoted to hunting after your trophies. It will be early mornings to sunset.

After a successful day out hunting you will return to camp and have the time to freshen up and relax next to the campfire celebrating another day out in the field on your South African safari. A delicious traditional dinner will be served and you can enjoy trying the tasty game meat that you the hunter have put on the table along with other great foods.

The skinners will take care of doing all field preparations of all your trophies for the taxidermist. Please see Trophies after hunt for more information on what to expect, taxidermy arrangements and our recommended Taxidermist.

bow hunting

On the last night of your safari all paperwork will be finalized and your Professional hunter will discuss the taxidermy arrangements with you.

On the last morning enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the breath-taking view of the African bushveld one last time before departing to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg after a memorable bow hunting safari.